The Audio Digest Emergency Medicine Board Review, 2e (Audios)

The Audio Digest Emergency Medicine Board Review, 2e

The Audio Digest Emergency Medicine Board Review, Second Edition is designed to help you maintain your board certification — and refresh your knowledge of the fundamentals — with custom, CME-certified lectures covering ABEM-established competencies prepared by experts in your field. Our newly published course content (which includes lectures and accompanying study aids) is designed to assist clinicians in preparing for their certification or recertification exams, while also serving as a comprehensive review resource.

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Gain access to 36 hours of content and earn up to 36.5 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ .

The Audio Digest Emergency Medicine Board Review Course contains:

  • 43 lectures available on CDs and MP3s
  • Course content based on ABEM requirements
  • Appropriate for preparing for Certification or Recertification or as a comprehensive review of the specialty
  • Access to all lectures from your computer or the Audio Digest Mobile App
  • Earn 36.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™


01. Signs and Symptoms I – Roque P. Ruggero, MD.mp3
02. Signs and Symptoms II – Roque P. Ruggero, MD.mp3
03. Signs and Symptoms III – Roque P. Ruggero, MD.mp3
04. Upper GI Disorders & Procedures – Brent Felton, DO.mp3
05. Hepatic, Biliary, Pancreatic, Peritoneal, and Splenic Disorders & Procedures – Robert Vissers, MD.mp3
06. Lower GI Disorders & Procedures – Andrew Meltzer, MD.mp3
07. Cardiovascular Disorders – Brent Felton, DO.mp3
08. Skin Disorders I – Alan Chiem, MD, MPH.mp3
09. Skin Disorders II – Alan Chiem, MD, MPH.mp3
10. Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders – Scott R. Votey, MD.mp3
11. Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Adrenal Disorders – Scott R. Votey, MD.mp3
12. Diabetes Mellitus – Scott R. Votey, MD.mp3
13. Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State – Scott R. Votey, MD.mp3
14. Environmental Disorders – Sandra Schneider, MD.mp3
15. ENT Disorders – Megan Fix, MD.mp3
16. Ophthalmologic Disorders and Trauma – Mary O’Hara, MD.mp3
17. Hematologic Disorders – Lisa Moreno-Walton, MD, MS.mp3
18. Immunologic Disorders – Amir A. Rouhani, MD.mp3
19. Infectious Disorders – Sukhjit Takhar, MD.mp3
20. Musculoskeletal Disorders – Gary M. Gaddis MD, PhD.mp3
21. Neurologic Disorders – John Perkins, MD.mp3
22. Contraception and Disorders of the Female Genital Tract – Susan Dantoni, MD.mp3
23. Pregnancy and Its Complications – Pamela L. Dyne, MD.mp3
24. Psychobehavioral I Mood and Thought Disorders and Organic Psychosis – Gary M. Gaddis, MD, PhD.mp3
25. Psychobehavioral Disorders II Neurotic, Psychosomatic, Factitious, Personality Disorders, Addictive Behavior, and Abuse – Leslie Zun, MD.mp3
26. Renal and Urogenital Disorders – Eric Silman, MD.mp3
27. Thoracic-Respiratory Disorders I – Paul Rega, MD.mp3
28. Thoracic-Respiratory Disorders II – Paul Rega, MD.mp3
29. Thoracic-Respiratory Disorders III – Paul Rega, MD.mp3
30. Thoracic-Respiratory Disorders IV – Paul Rega, MD.mp3
31. Toxicology and Toxidromes – Rais Vohra, MD.mp3
32. Toxic Exposures and Disorders I – Rais Vohra, MD.mp3
33. Toxic Exposures and Disorders II – Rais Vohra, MD.mp3
34. Chest Trauma – Nicholas E. Kman, MD.mp3
35. Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma – Alan Chiem, MD, MPH.mp3
36. Head and Spinal Trauma – Robert Vissers, MD.mp3
37. Facial and ENT Trauma & Procedures – Robert Kellman, MD.mp3
38. Orthopedic Trauma – Andrew Grock, MD.mp3
39. Miscellaneous Trauma & Procedures Cutaneous, Genitourinary, Pregnancy, and Multi-system – Joel Schofer, MD, MBA, CPE.mp3
40. Miscellaneous Procedures Airway Techniques, Resuscitation, Diagnostic and Procedural Ultrasonography – Joel M. Schofer, MD, MBA, CPE.mp3
41. Pain and Acute Pain Management – Knox Todd, MD, MPH.mp3
42. Pearls and Pitfalls in Interpersonal Communication – Jon Hirshon, MD, PhD, MPH.mp3
43. Systems-based Practice and Quality Improvement – Jon M. Hirshon, MD, PhD, MPH.mp3

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