UWorld Internal Medicine Board Review ABIM Qbank (PDFs)

UWorld Internal Medicine Board Review Qbank 

We are dedicated to providing you with a high-yield, high-quality product that not only prepares you for the ABIM certification/recertification exam but also helps you become a better clinician.  The UWorld physician-author team creates realistic clinical scenarios with interactive, question-based learning and evidence-based explanations that will help you prepare with confidence for the ABIM.

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  • Official Price: $449.
  • Points to Download: 500 Points
  • Format: PDF files.
  • File Size: 520 MB.
  • Download Link Below.

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Notice this qbank was ripped on early 2015, but the questions and answers still mostly the same with 2018 version.

Innovative Teaching

Don’t use just any old practice material. UWorld’s Internal Medicine Qbank provides high-yield, conceptual explanations that help you attain the broad knowledge base needed to be an effective and well-informed practitioner

Why Choose Us?


Our questions are as challenging as the ABIM exam, so you will be prepared for the actual exam.


Our content-rich explanations for both correct and incorrect answer choices will provide a deep understanding of entire concepts.


Simple, user-friendly interface that allows you to customize and create tests of your choice.


Fast, friendly, and reliable customer support is available to meet your needs.

  1. 1,200+ challenging Internal Medicine questions
    ›Comprehensive coverage of ABIM® blueprint topics
    ›Content created by knowledgeable and experienced physicians
    ›Continuous updates to maintain our standard of excellence
  2. In-depth explanations
    ›Highly integrated, evidence-based concepts
    ›Detailed explanations for incorrect options
    ›Comprehensive tables, flowcharts, and illustrations
  3. Performance and improvement tracking

    ›Board-simulated test interface designed to replicate the exam
    ›Identify strengths and areas for improvements
    ›Compare scores with peers to gauge relative performance

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  1. I could not download the PDF download link. It is showing that the file or folder may be damaged. Could you resend a new pdf link for download?

    1. Hi you just need to click “Download” to allow it to download. Due to the large file size of it, so google drive has such notification as you mentioned, but don’t mind, just click “Download” to allow the downloading. After downloading the file .rar, then you can use this free softwares like winrar or 7-zip to extract it.

    1. Notice this qbank was ripped on early 2015, but the questions and answers still mostly the same with 2018 version (95-98%). So we have no plan to get 2018 version now

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