Osmosis USMLE Board Review 2019 Premium (Videos)

Osmosis USMLE Board Review 2019 Premium

Osmosis has drastically improved my understanding and retention of information in my coursework… I will be much better prepared for both boards and rotations

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Osmosis allows me to devote more time to leadership positions and my personal life while maintaining my academics. To be honest, my grades have improved only 4-6%, but I am able to do this spending significantly less time than I was previously. It has replaced Anki and Firecracker for me mainly because the user interface is so simple to use and pulls everything together for me with links directly to class slides, FirstAid, and Picmonic. And the lecture analysis feature is such a powerful tool that allows me to not just see generic information, but a study aid specifically for my class. It’s the whole package!

I like that Osmosis allows students to change the way they think about learning medicine. Instead of reading notes from class several times, Osmosis allows for students to integrate material on their own and pull material from prior units. I also love how classmates can collaborate on the same platform and use each others strengths to all succeed!

Osmosis is medical education at its finest. Finally, I’m able to organize my lecture notes, board prep, and additional learning resources in a single platform, that’s not only easy to use but is also interactive and customizable. I can upload a lecture PowerPoint, access provided board-tested flashcards, learn from Osmosis pathophysiology videos and view patient experience videos all corresponding to my uploaded lecture. I use it everyday.

I chose Osmosis because I was in search of an active learning program. I really like all the quiz questions and videos that Osmosis offers. I am a massive advocate of active learning because it works, and I think programs like Osmosis should replace medical education!


Biochemistry (15 videos)

Biostatistics and Epidemiology (38 videos)

Cardiovascular (94 videos)

Cell Physiology (19 videos)

Dermatology (15 videos)

Embryology (22 videos)

Endocrine (61 videos)

Gastrointestinal (69 videos)

Genetics (33 videos)

Hematology and Oncology (34 videos)

Immunology (38 videos)

Metabolism (5 videos)

Microbiology (48 videos)

Musculoskeletal (41 videos)

Neurology (86 videos)

Psychiatry (45 videos)

Renal (81 videos)

Reproductive (30 videos)

Respiratory (48 videos)




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