ACP Internal Medicine Board Review Courses 2020 (Videos)

ACP Internal Medicine Board Review Courses 2020

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This ACP Internal Medicine Board Review course is designed to help physicians prepare for the ABIM certifying examination in internal medicine. The course is led by a distinguished faculty from all the subspecialty areas who are experts in education and board exam preparation. Using the audience-response system, faculty members engage participants in clinical problem solving through multiplechoice questions that reflect the structure of the ABIM examination. Although actual examination content is not known, core topics in internal medicine and current literature approaches, along with test taking strategies, are stressed.

Learning Objectives

  1. Increase and refresh knowledge of core topics in internal medicine and the subspecialties through discussion of common and not-so-common clinical problems.
  2. Become adept working through difficult test questions logically and successfully.
  3. Implement changes in clinical practice in accordance with recent advances and clinical guidelines.


01. Pulmonary I – Jessica S. Wang Memoli MD
02. Pulmonary II – Brian Cuneo MD,FACP
03. Dermatology – Cynthia Marie Carver DeKlotz MD,FAAD
04. Critical Care – Christian J. Woods FACP,FCCP,FIDSA
05. Geriatrics – Stephanie Bruce MD
06. Infectious Disease I – Glenn Wortmann MD, FIDSA, FACP
07. Heart Failure – Samer S. Najjar MD
08. Valvular and Pericardial Disease – Gaby Weissman MD
09. PituitaryReproductive – Susmeeta T. Sharma MD,MHSc
10. Metabolic Bone Disease – Jason A. Wexler MD
11. Adrenal – Kenneth D. Burman MD,MACP
12. Diabetes – Meeta Sharma MD
13. Thyroid – Leonard Wartofsky MD
14. Infectious Disease II – Maria Elena Ruiz MD
15. Fluid and Electrolytes – Judith Veis MD,FACP,FASN
16. AcidBase, Stones – Judith Veis MD,FACP,FASN
17. CKD and AKI – Michael Sherman MD
18. Glomerular Disease and Transplantation – Jack Moore MD,FACP
19. ENTAllergyOphthalmology – Arrel Olano MD,MBA,FACP
20. Rheumatology I & II – Christopher Collins MD
21. Oncology I – Christopher M. Gallagher MD
22. Hematology I & II – Vera Malkovska MD,MRCP,FRCPath
23. Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia – Ronald Distajo MD,MPH,FACP
24. Ischemic Heart Disease – Federico M. Asch MD,FACC,FASE
25. Psychiatry for the Internist – Deborah Topol MD,FACP
26. Ethics – Deborah Topol MD,FACP
27. Oncology II – Asma Dilawari MD
28. Perioperative Medicine – Carmella A. Cole MD,FACP
29. Pulmonary III – Chee M. Chan MD,MPH,FCCP
30. Men’s Health – Carmella A. Cole MD,FACP
31. Arrhythmias – Zayd A. Eldadah PhD,FACC
32. Test Taking Tips – Sailaja Pindiprolu MD,FACP
33. Preventive Medicine – Carmella A. Cole MD,FACP
34. Palliative Care – J. Hunter Groninger MD,FAAHPM
35. Hepatology – Alexander Lalos MD
36. Women’s Health – Carmella A. Cole MD,FACP
37. Neurology – Robert Laureno MD,FACP
38. Gastroenterology I – Mitesh Patel MD,FACG
39. Gastroenterology II – Zone-En Lee MD
40. Evidence Based Medicine – Sailaja Pindiprolu MD,FACP
41. Quality and Safety – Carmella A. Cole MD,FACP

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  1. Is the syllabus included? If not, is it possible to get it?

    1. It’s only available as video

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