SketchyPath 2018 (Videos+Images)

SketchyPath 2018

Our comprehensive videos cover medical school microbiology, pharmacology, and pathology through illustrations of unique and unforgettable scenes. These guided sketches help you create a memory palace by associating medical topics with memorable visual elements.

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  • Format: 154 Video Files (.mp4 format) + 154 Images.
  • File Size: 11.3 GB.
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Recurring Symbols

Symbol placement and compartmentalization allow for rapid differential diagnosis and a quick elimination of answer choices

Concept Grouping

Related concepts in our courses are congruent throughout all videos, giving an edge on questions that rely on association

Review Images

Labeled images of each scene make reviewing quick and effective by utilizing the interactive “hotspots” Learn More


Reproductive & GU
Blood & Coagulation
Myeloid & Lymphoid
Musculoskeletal & Derm

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    1. Please copy exactly the password we provided. We just checked again and the series still extracted normally. Also check again your email to see our details guide!

  1. Hi admin! I’ve left a comment yesterday, but somehow I can’t see it now. Could you please upload the video 3.1 – Muscular Dystrophies once more, as it stucks on 9.31 min? It would be great!

      1. Sorry but my email was hacked a week ago or so. I ve sent all the documents to get access, but it’s being considered for a month or so. Please send your reply to my updated e-mail, which differs only in 1 “l” letter on the end. Thank you!

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